Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)

The Past Perfect Continuous Tense – вживається для вираження тривалої дії, яке почалося раніше якогось моменту в минулому або раніше іншої дії в минулому і тривала в момент вчинення цієї дії, або закінчилося безпосередньо перед моментом його вчинення.

Момент може виражатися обставинами часу з прийменником for (for two month), c приводом by (by the first of May) або визначається з контексту Past perfect Continuous Tense як правило перекладається на російську мову минулим часом дієслова не доконаного виду.

Запам’ятайте що в запереченнях замість Past perfect Continuous як правило вживається Past Perfect.

Приклад Past Perfect continuous:

cb0ab5e9778ffbce573475fe051171eb Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)

Yesterday morning

Yesterday morning I got up and looked out of the window.

The sun was shining, but the ground was very wet.

It had been raining.

It was not raining when I looked out of the window;

the sun was shining. But it had been raining before.

  Had been -ing is the past perfect continuous:

e3e0ce59991ceeb1a3bf5b246990c749 Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)

When the boys came into the house, their clothes were dirty, their hair was неохайний and one of them had a black eye. Вони d been fighting.

You can say that something had been happening for a period of time before something else happened:

Вони d been playing football for about half an hour when it started to rain heavily.

Ann went to the doctor last Wednesday. She hadn’t been feeling well for some time.

Present perfect continuous (I have been -ing)

a717a4b300fed0a89308e45e39161af9 Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)

I hope the taxi comes soon. I’ve been

waiting for 10 хвилин. (before now)

Ann is out of breath. She has been

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  Past perfect continuous(I had been -ing)

8db91019c5e8798a268b8285d48fd1ef Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)

At last the taxi came. I’d been waiting

for 10 хвилин. (before the taxi came)

Ann was out of breath. She had been


Порівняйте was -ing (past continuous) and had been ing:

lt wasn’t raining when they went out. The sun was shining. But it had been raining,

so the ground was wet.

Tom was sitting in an armchair resting. He was tired because He’d been working very hard.

Some verbs {for example, know and Like) are not by used in the continuous:

We were good friends. We had known for each other years. (not had been knowing)

I was surprised when Kate cut her hair. She ‘ d had long hair since I first met her.

(not she ‘ d having been)


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