Past perfect (I had done)

a8329d8048ec8243d8b4088e074d3218 Past perfect (I had done)

Подивіться цей приклад Past perfect:

Ann went to a party last month. Ben went to the

party too, but they didn’t see each other. Ben left the

party at 9.30 and Ann arrived at 10:30 o’clock.


When Ann arrived at the party, Ben wasn’t there.

He had gone home.

The past perfect tense – уживається для вираження минулого дії, яке звершилося до певного моменту в минулому. Цей момент може позначатися:

— обставиною часу з прийменником by до

/ by the end of the month / by 2 o’clock yesterday / by that time /

іншим (більш пізнім за часом) пройшли дією, яке виражається дієсловом у Past Simple.

past perfect може вживатися і в тому випадку, коли час, до якого відбулося дію, не зазначено в самому реченні, а визначається контекстом.

My girlfriend left for London yesterday. She had never been there before. Вчора моя подруга виїхала до Лондона. Вона ніколи не бувала там раніше.

Had gone is the past perfect (simple):

15149a03a4f9fc93f9dddd992fdecaf9 Past perfect (I had done)


The past perfect simple is had + past participle (done/ written/seen/ worked etc).

Sometimes we talk about something that happened in the past:

Ann arrived at the party.

This is the starting point of the story. Then, if we want to talk about things that happened before this time we use the past perfect (had … ):

When Ann arrived at the party, Ben had already gone home.

Ще кілька прикладів:

When they got home last night, they found somebody that had broken into the flat.

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Tim didn’t want to go to the cinema with us because he’d already seen the movie.

At first I thought i’d done the right thing, but I soon realised that i’d made a big mistake.

The woman sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. She hadn’t flown before.

or … She had never flown before.

Порівняйте the present perfect (have seen etc.) and the past perfect (had seen etc.):

Present perfect:

d842e964fbb4535ff575a947157c06ff Past perfect (I had done)

Who is that man? I’ve seen him

before, but I can’t remember where.

We aren’t hungry. We’ve just had


The house is dirty. We haven’t

cleaned it for weeks.

Past perfect:

a3a6b7986e58142591d3205a29c2a6cc Past perfect (I had done)

I wasn’t sure who he was. I’d seen his

before, but I couldn’t remember where.

We weren’t hungry. We’d just had


The house was dirty. They hadn’t

cleaned it for weeks.

Порівняйте the past simple (Left, was etc.) and the past perfect (had left, had been etc.):

past simple  past perfect A: Was Ben there when you arrived? Was Ben there when you arrived? B: Yes, but he Left soon afterwards. B: No, he had already Left. Den wasn’t at home when I phoned. Den had just got home when I phoned. He was at his father’s house. He had been at his father’s house.

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