Relative Pronouns (вправи на відносні займенники, intermediate)

Доброго дня! Якщо relative pronouns (відносні займенники) знадобилися вам, значить ви вже на рівні intermediate вивчення англійської мови. Адже ці займенники використовуються при написанні письмових робіт набагато частіше, чим у розмовній мові. За допомогою них ми робимо пропозиції більш довгими, з’єднуючи з простих до складних. У цьому уроці вас чекають вправи на відносні займенники.


Відносні займенники. Вправи (intermediate)

0e8a584dd13ea6868fb12571cb6e1fcd Relative Pronouns (вправи на відносні займенники, intermediate)

Вправа 1. Заповніть пропуски, використовуючи who, which, where, whose.

  1. I don’t agree with people… say that all modern music is rubbish.
  2. That’s the music … I like best of all.
  3. The shop … I bought this CD is next to the post office.
  4. The man … party I went to is a composer.
  5. I’ve broken the vase … you presented me.
  6. That’s the only rock music group … I like.
  7. Musicians … are really successful work hard.

* * *

Вправа 2. Заповніть пропуски займенниками that, which, who, whom, whose, where. Поставте в дужках ті з них, які можна опустити. Переведіть пропозиції.

Придаткові означальні можуть ставитися як до об’єкта, так і до підлягає. В останньому випадку, особливо якщо займенники опущені, можуть виникнути труднощі при перекладі з англійської. Виконайте вправу нижче і потренуйтеся!

A. Придаткові означальні у ролі доповнення

1.I like the song … Jane sang yesterday. 2. This is the boy …. bicycle Tom borrowed. 3. It was the best film … i’ve ever seen. 4. Here is the man …. has lost his dog. 5. He showed me his new car, … is very modern and expensive. 6. This is the dictionary… I bought yesterday. 7. She is the girl .. I saw yesterday. 8. Let us meet in the park … we got acquainted.

B. Придаткові означальні у ролі що підлягає

1.The job … I applied for is in Manchester. 2. The hotel … I stayed during the summer was excellent. 3. The photo … I liked was taken in England. 4. The man … I met was Andrew Manson. 5. The boy … dog was lost was very unhappy. 6. The people … I got acquainted were all very pleasant. 7. The picture … зависає on the wall was painted by my sister. 8. The money … was in my pocket has been stolen.

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* * *

Вправа 3. Вставте відносні займенники, де потрібно.

  1. My uncle works for a company… makes cars.
  2. The book is about the man made … wonderful things.
  3. It seems … the Earth is the only planet… life exists.
  4. Have you found the notebook …. you lost?
  5. What was the name of the man… wife had been taken to the hospital?
  6. Is there a shop near here … I can buy bread?
  7. The reason… I am phoning you is to invite you to the party.
  8. She game me the money, … I put in my pocket.

* * *

Вправа 4. З’єднайте пропозиції, використовуючи відносні займенники.

1.Не is the man. He lives next door. 2. This is the picture. You presented to me last month. 3. These are the gloves. I found them on the train. 4. I met two actors. We watched them on TV show last night. 5. This is the house. My father built it many years ago. 6. The person got a reward. He took the lost wallet to the police station. 7. Where is the letter? I put it in the table.8. This is the picture. I took it on holidays.

* * *

Вправа 5. З’єднайте пропозиції, використовуючи відносні займенники.

1.This is the house. I was born here. 2. That is the woman. She gave you the book. 3. That is the book. The woman gave it to you. 4. Where is the shop? You bought the book there. 5. Is that the man? He owns the shop. 6. Is that the woman? She the married man. He owns the shop. I bought the book there.

* * *

Вправа 6. В даному тексті міститься 11 помилок. Знайдіть і виправте їх.

The town which I was born has changed greatly over the last fifty years. Now there is a modern shopping center on the place that my school used to be and all the children whose went there have grown up and moved away. The local cinema, that was built several years ago, used to be a dance hall which big bands played. The park, where was my favourite place as a child is now a car park. Some things are still the same though. Mrs Jones, whom is now seventy years old, still lives in the High Street and Mr Jones still owns the baker’s shop, that two sons now work instead of him. The hospital where I was born in is still standing, although it now is much bigger than it was at the time which I was born. On the day which my family and I left our town we were all very sad.

* * *

Вправа 7. Дайте визначення даними словами, використовуючи означальні підрядні речення. Використовуйте слова: mechanism, piece of furniture, machine, water reservoir, thing, person, place.

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ЗРАЗОК An island is a piece of land which is surrounded by water.

1.a teacher (to teach students); 2. a watch (to show the time); 3. a park (to go for walks); 4. a swimming pool (to swim); 5. a bank (to keep your money); 6. baker’s (to buy bread); 7. a dictionary (find the translation of the words); 8. a mixer (to mix things with) 9. an armchair (to relax in it); 10. a fork (to eat with).

* * *

Як ви вже знаєте, прийменники в англійській мові ставляться в кінець речення. Виконайте вправу 7 і 8 на це правило.

Вправа 8. Перепишіть речення, опустивши відносні займенники і поставивши прийменники в потрібне місце.

1.This is the train by which I came. 2. Do you know the boy to whom I was talking? 3. The people with whom I live are very pleasant. 4. This is the box out of which he took the money. 5. I don’t know the man to whom you wrote a letter. 6. The man from whom I got the information is a lawyer.

* * *

Вправа 9. З’єднайте пропозиції, поставивши прийменники в потрібне місце.

  1. She is the girl. I gave flowers to her.
  2. That is the park. I passed by it.
  3. That is the dress. I have paid for it.
  4. This is the music. We listened to it yesterday.
  5. That is the man. I spoke to him the other day.
  6. I am looking for a man. One can rely on him.
  7. She is the girl. I told you about her.

* * *

Вправа 10. Подумайте, як можна закінчити дані пропозиції.

  1. There is a boy who … .
  2. Do you know the man who …?
  3. We went to shopping which the market ….
  4. We went to shopping where the market ….
  5. The hotel where ….
  6. I bought a book which ….
  7. That is the house which …..
  8. That is where the house ….
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* * *

Вправа 11. Перекладіть на англійську.

  1. Чоловік, який телефонував вам, не назвав свого імені.
  2. Ви бачили фотографії, які я приніс?
  3. Ви задаєте питання, на які важко відповісти.
  4. Обід, який ти приготувала, дуже смачний.
  5. Це книги, про які я тобі казав.
  6. Ти знаєш людину, з якою розмовляє Ганна?
  7. Тобі подобається готель, в якому ви зупинилися?
  8. Де квіти, які я тобі подарував?

Вітаємо! Ви виконали 11 вправ по темі «Relative Pronouns. Відносні займенники в англійській мові».

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