Топік “International women’s Day (8 March) / Міжнародний Жіночий День (8 Березня)”


  • a present [ˈprez(ə)nt] — подарунок
  • to congratulate [kənˈɡrætjʊleɪt] — святкувати
  • to wash up – мити посуд
  • to celebrate [ˈselɪbreɪt] — святкувати
  • almost [ˈɔːlməʊst] — майже
  • lay the table [leɪ ðə ˈteɪb(ə)l] — накривати на стіл

eeb62dcbfa9d8adeee0d86bb6ee1fe3a Топік International womens Day (8 March) / Міжнародний Жіночий День (8 Березня)

The 8th of March is a great official holiday for all women. It began in 1909 by women in New York streets who asked for better working conditions. Women’s Day is not celebrated in Great Britain. The British celebrate another wonderful holiday in spring. It’s called mother’s Day.

The International women’s Day is one of the most favourite holidays among Russian women because there is a nice tradition to congratulate and give bunches of spring flowers and presents to our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and all women on this day. In the morning men go to the shops to buy flowers and sweets. They also help to do the housework and cook something delicious for dinner. Help Children their mums to lay the table and wash up. All members of the family are well dressed.

The 8th of March is the day when women are happy and they smile and thank their families because they can take a break and relax and forget about their everyday routine, about cooking and looking after their families.

e4c8e56c22082d12cdb1ff9a6d2e3814 Топік International womens Day (8 March) / Міжнародний Жіночий День (8 Березня)

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