Топік: “Spending time with my family” з перекладом і відео

Привіт друзі. Організувавши кілька разів свято вдома, вклавши в нього колективну душу вашої сім’ї, ви не тільки ввійдете в смак і почнете отримувати від цього задоволення, але і створите чудові традиції. Що може бути краще пізнавального, цікавого вечора в колі сім’ї та друзів, який гарантує тепло, душевність і гарний настрій!?

Spending time with my family (simple template)

 Топік: Spending time with my family з перекладом і відео

Spending time with family is very essential. Modern life is dynamic and hectic and sometimes we forget all about what is really important and neglect family time. Nevertheless, we should do our best to keep the relationships with our relatives good.

If you have a busy work day and can’t find any time to see your family, work modern technologies to the benefit and text or call your parents or children. It takes a couple of minutes but makes other people feel better. They would see that even at work you think about the people you love.

Крім того, you should try to finish all the tasks by the weekend so as to spend the rest of the week with your family. You can walk in the park, go to the cinema or just stay at home and have a nice talk. There is plenty of options for weekend activities with your family. You might plan something in advance and then look forward to Friday evening.

However, don’t forget about heart to heart conversations. Talking is extremely important for maintaining strong links between each other. Try to show interest in your family members’ affairs, share something with them, too, and give some advice if needed.

Summing up all the ideas, we can see that lack of time is often just an excuse. Everyone can dedicate at least a couple of minutes to his/her family. One has only to think about how much time he/she wastes surfing the internet or граючи video games.


Проведення часу з сім’єю дуже важливо. Сучасне життя дуже динамічне і суматошна, і іноді ми все забуваємо про те, що дійсно важливо і нехтуємо часом, відведеним на сім’ю. Тим не менш, нам слід постаратися зробити все можливе, щоб зберегти добрі стосунки з нашими родичами.

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Якщо у вас завантажений день на роботі, і ви не можете знайти час, щоб побачити сім’ю, використовуйте сучасні технології на благо і напишіть або зателефонуйте вашим батькам чи дітям. Це займе всього пару хвилин, але змусить інших людей відчути себе краще. Вони дізнаються, що навіть на роботі ви думаєте про людей, яких любите.

Більше того, вам слід постаратися закінчити всі справи до вихідних, щоб провести залишок тижня з сім’єю. Ви можете прогулятися в парку, піти в кіно або просто залишитися вдома і приємно поспілкуватися. Є безліч варіантів, як провести вихідні з сім’єю. Ви можете запланувати щось заздалегідь, а потім з нетерпінням чекати вечора п’ятниці.

Однак не варто забувати про розмови по душам. Спілкування дуже важливо для підтримання міцних зв’язків один з одним. Постарайтеся проявити інтерес до справ близьких, поділитися чимось самі і дати пораду, якщо потрібно.

Підводячи підсумки, можна зрозуміти, що брак часу – це лише відмовка. Кожен може присвятити хоча б пару хвилин своєї сім’ї. Досить подумати про те, скільки часу кожен з нас проводить в інтернеті або за відеоіграми.

Spending Time with Family (Essay Sample)

The family is the pillar upon which the society leans. Without stable, united organized and family structures, the society and the nation at large would perish. For the family to be united and organized, everyone must put aside adequate time to spend with the rest of the family members. This paper evaluates the need to spend time with the family.

Traditionally, the family is composed of the father, mother, and children. Cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother, nieces and nephews among other relatives strengthen the family structure. The father and mother are expected to act as role models to their children and the children will pass the same role modeling to their children thus the prosperity of the family is attached to the role modeling displayed by parents and older siblings.

Parents have been known to do anything to protect and be with their little boys and girls. An extremely busy father can travel thousands of miles to be at home in time for his daughter’s birthday or his son’s graduation ceremony. The family, as is evident in such a case is more important than one’s job or anything else in the world. The unity of the family is dependent on the members being in touch with each other. A husband needs to be in good relation with his wife and the two of them should cultivate a good relationship with their children. Such unity and a good relationship can only be enhanced through closeness and constant concern for each member’s well-being. A busy parent who has no time for his children or wife will ultimately lose contact with the rest of the family.

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However busy the job schedule is, there must always be some time set aside when the family comes together and spends time as a unit. The wife needs to understand and take care of the concerns and the needs of his husband and the children, and this requires that she commits adequate time to spend with the rest of the family. Needs Some are psychological such as the need for the family to be assured of their safety, security, and love. Other needs are emotional while others are physical such as the подружніх стосунках rights and responsibilities that a husband has towards his wife and wife to her husband.

By spending time together, a family is able to iron out any issues between the members. Any problem affecting one or more members is identified, discussed and solved but when the family is not in constant touch, some of the issues affecting members get swept under the rug and this ultimately results in the future breakup of the family. Both adults and children need to the change environment from time to time for them to feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated. The family needs to go on holidays together, attend events together and hold parties and celebrations such as дні народження for them to feel a sense of unity and care for one another. When one of the children has a birthday, for instance, the presence of the parents and the other siblings means a lot to that particular individual. It portrays the extent of care and love that the family members feel for that person.

In conclusion, spending time with the family is a key element in the unity of the family. No single member of the family should be too busy or committed to be there for the other members. The well-being of each member is just as important and is dependent on that of the entire family. Consequently, spending as much time as possible with the family is the primary way through which the entire society gets to progress.

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Talking About Your Family in English

Корисні вирази і слова:

Essential – важливий

Hectic – метушливий, бурхливий

Neglect – нехтувати

Work something to the benefit – використовувати щось на благо

In advance – заздалегідь

Look forward to – чекати з нетерпінням

Heart to heart conversation – розмова по душам

Strong links – міцні зв’язки

Excuse – відмовка

Dedicate smth to smb – присвятити що-то кому-то

Універсальні фрази і пропозиції

  • Я єдина дитина в родині. – I am the only child in the family.
  • У мене немає ні братів, ні сестер. – I have got neither brothers nor sisters.
  • У моїй сім’ї 4 особи. – My family has three members.
  • Моя сім’я складається з 4 осіб. – My family consists of four persons.
  • У нашій сім’ї прийнято поважати старших. – It is usual for our family to have respect for seniors.
  • Ми всі поважаємо один одного. -We all respect each other.
  • Ми всі живемо під одним дахом. – We all live under the same roof.
  • Моя бабуся померла два роки тому. – My grandmother died two years ago.
  • Я і моя сестра ладнаємо один з одним. – My sister and I get well with each other.
  • Мою старшу сестру звати … My elder sister’s name is…
  • Мого молодшого брата звуть … My younger brother’s name is…
  • У нашій родині є власні традиції. – Our family has its own traditions.
  • Наша сім’я має багату історію. – Our family has a rich history.
  • Мій старший брат і я іноді сваримося один з одним. – Sometimes my elder brother and I conflict with each other.
  • У нас багато спільного. – We have much in common.
  • Моя сестра збирається вийти заміж в цьому році. – My sister is going to get married this year.
  • Мої батьки розлучені. – My parents are divorced.
  • Кожен член нашої сім’ї має свої обов’язки. – All member of our family have their own duties.
  • Я друга дитина в сім’ї. – I am the second child in the family.
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