Weather and Climate. Вправи та тести (upper-intermediate)

Ви перейшли на 3 рівень вивчення теми «Weather and Climate». Попередньо ви повинні знати список англійських слів №2 (intermediate) за темою «Weather and Climate».

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Weather and Climate. Вправи та тести (upper-intermediate)

Вправа 1. Перекладіть на англійську.

Погода в Британії має погану репутацію тому що швидко змінюється. Люди ніколи не можуть бути впевнені в тому, що не буде дощу. З-за мінливої погоди люди носять парасольки кожен день. Британці кажуть «дощ ллє як з відра», якщо йде сильний дощ.

Літо в Британії не дуже спекотне. А зима не дуже холодна. У деяких частинах Британії зима проходить зовсім без снігу. Тому можна сказати, що клімат в Британії м’який. Британці часто говорять про погоду. Кажуть, що розмова про погоду –це хороший спосіб почати розмову з незнайомцем.

Вправа 2. Прочитайте текст і розкажіть його.

  1. rainfall — опади
  2. even — рівномірний
  3. throughout the year — протягом року
  4. drought [draut] — посуха
  5. main features — основні характеристики

The English say that they have three variants of weather: when it rains in the morning, when it rains in the afternoon and when it rains all day long. Sometimes it rains so heavily that they say «it rains cats and dogs».

Rainfall is more or less even throughout the year. This means that the western parts of Britain are wetter than the eastern ones. London is drier than continental cities. Its weather may be unpredictable, but it is not particularly wet. The northern mountains have much more rain and snow. More generally, the southern parts of England and Wales are a little warmer, sunnier and less misty than the rest. The driest period is from March to June and the wettest months are from October to January.

During a normal summer the temperature sometimes rises above 25 degrees in the south. Winter temperatures below 5 degrees are rare; It seldom сніги heavily in winter snow does not remain for long, except in the Scottish mountains, where skiing is possible; frosts are rare. January and February are usually the coldest months, July and August — the warmest. Still the wind may bring wmtercold or in spring summer. Sometimes it brings the whirlwinds or hurricanes. Droughts are rare.

So, we may say that the British climate has three main features: it is mild, humid and changeable. That means that it is never too hot or cold, too wet or too dry.

Вправа 3. Слухайте подкаст і відповідайте на питання.

  1. Weather Forecast | Upper Intermediate
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  1. Why do the English people like to talk about the weather?
  2. What country are Marco and Erica going to have a look at?
  3. What words do they want to introduce in the dialogue?
  4. What are their meanings?
  5. What is the Russian for «weather forcast, scattered showers, hovering temperature, isolated dowpours, gust of wind, sleet, cold front»?

Вправа 4. Напишіть твір на тему «I wish there were only one season on the earth».

Weather and Climate. Tests

Test №1.

1. What’s the weather ________ for tomorrow? (a. prediction b. forecast c. prognosis)

2. I think it’s going to rain. It’s very ________. (a. clouded b. clouding c. cloudy)

3. The building caught the fire when it was struck by _________. (a. thunder b. lightning c. hurricane)

4. We’re having a very _________ winter this year. ( a. hard b. heavy c. strong)

5. We expect bad ______ _in autumn. (a. weather b. climate c. atmosphere)

6. When the first frosts arrived the roads became _______. (a. frosty b. icy c. slippery)

7. It was a shower with heavy ________. (a. hail b. hails c. balls of ice)

8. If the weather _________, we’ll go for a walk. (a. brighten b. clears c. clears up)

9. As the ice melted away, the river rose in dangerous__________. (a. floods b. puddles c. ponds)

10. Yesterday the sun was _________ brightly.(a. sparkling b. shining c. radiating)

11. I hate going out when the weather is_______. (a. nasty b. terrific c. unattractive)

12. What _________weather we’re having today. (a. spectacular b. pleasing c. wonderful)

13. __________ all day long. (a. There has been snow b. It has been snowing c. It has been going snow)

14. This oppressive ________is killing me! (a. heat b. hot c. warmth)

Test №2

Перевірте себе, чи знаєте ви ці слова:

  1. gust – порив вітру
  2. осадка [dra:ft] — протяг
  3. downpour [‘daunpɔː] – сильна злива
  4. torrents – сильна злива, потік
  5. torrential rain – дощ
  6. blizzard — сніжна буря, завірюха
  7. gale – шторм, буря; вітерець
  8. tempest — буря
  9. to thaw – відтавати
  10. туман – легкий туман
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1. The Sahara has a very harsh ______. (a. weather b. climate c. atmosphere)

2. The weather is the beginning to ______ (a. recover b. grow better c. improve)

3. There was a gentle ______on the beach, just enough to cool us. (a. breeze b. gust c. wind)

4. Autumn in Moscow is usually _____ and_____. (a. coolly …. wet b. chilly … damp c. cold …. moisten)

5. We had a _________ last summer. It didn’t rain for two months. (a. dryness b. осадка c. drought).

Не плутайте: draught and drought ([dro:t] — dra:ft])

6. The rain came down in________, and we could see nothing. (a. shower b. downpour c. torrents)

7. On the way home we got very in the wet ________. (a. blizzard b. thunderstorm c. gale)

8. In the tropics there is usually ____ rain most days and the roads often get flooded.
(a. torrential b. drizzling c. pouring)

9. In Cyprus the climate is hot and ________. (a. humid b. wet c. moist)

10. There’s a good ________ today. Shall we go sailing? (a. air current b. wind c. storm)

11. Suddenly there was a very strong __________ of wind and it blew the newspaper out of my hands. (a. blow b. tempest c. gust)

12. A ________ is a violent wind storm whose centre is a cloud in the shape of a funnel (воронка).
(a. hurricane b. tornado c. typhoon)

13. The car crash happen because of thick ______. (a. mist b. fog c. haze)

Вітаємо! Ви закінчили вивчення теми «Weather and Climate».

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Вивчайте далі:

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  2. Все по темі «Nature and Wildlife»
  3. Англійські слова для самостійного вивчення за різними темами


Test 1. 1-b, 2-c, 3-b, 4-а, 5-a, 6-с, 7-а, 8-c, 9 – а, 10-б, 11-а, 12-c, 13-б, 14-a

Test 2. 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c, 6-с, 7-б, 8-а, 9-а, 10-б, 11-c, 12-б, 13-b

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