Фразові дієслова з прикладами, частина 1

frazovye glagoly s primerami, chast 134 Фразові дієслова з прикладами, частина 1
Ache for – дуже хотіти що-небудь або кого-небудь
My girlfriend’s been away for a fortnight – I am ACHING FOR her.

Act up – вести себе погано або дивно
My computer is ACTING UP, I think I might have a virus.

Answer back – відповідати в грубій формі
Her mother was shocked when she started ANSWERING her BACK and refusing to help.

Ask after – справлятися про чиєму-небудь здоров’я, дізнаватися як справи
Jenny rang and ASKED AFTER you, so I told her you were fine.

Ask in – запрошувати додому
Jon’s s at the door. “ASK him IN”

Ask out – запрошувати на побачення
He wanted to ASK her OUT but was too shy.

Back off – відступати
The police told the protesters to BACK OFF.

Back up – зробити копію даних на комп’ютері
You should always BACK UP important files and documents so that you won’t lose all your work.

Back up – підтримувати
My husband always BACKS me UP.

Be away – бути де-небудь, у відпустці.
She’s AWAY on business for three weeks.

Be down – бути в депресії
He’s been DOWN since his girlfriend left him.

Be fed up – бути ситим по горло
I’m FED UP of his complaints.

Be in – бути вдома або на роботі
They ARE never IN, I always get their answerphone.

Be off – зіпсуватися (про їжу)
This yoghurt must BE OFF; it smells foul.

Be off – іти, їхати
I’m off home, it’s 5 o’clock.

Be on – бути включеним (про механічних апаратах)
The computer IS ON.

Be out – відсутні
She is OUT on a visit for the day.

Be up – прокинутися
She’s not UP yet.

Beat up – атакувати, нападати
The mugger BEAT him UP and stole his wallet.

Bend over – нахилитися
I BENT OVER to do up my shoes.

Bitch up – зіпсувати, провалити що-небудь
I BITCHED UP the interview.

Blow away – вбити
He grabbed a gun and BLEW the police officer AWAY.

Blow away – вразити
His first novel BLEW me AWAY

Book in – зробити попередню бронь
I’ll BOOK us IN at the Hilton.

Boss around – командувати

Break up – закінчувати стосунки
Yesterday we decided to BREAK UP.

Break up – розбиватися на частини
The plate BROKE UP when he dropped it on the floor.

Call after – називати кого-небудь в чиюсь честь
She was CALLED Rose AFTER her grandmother.

Call back – передзвонювати
I must CALL her BACK when we get to the office.

Call on – відвідувати, заходити в гості
As we were in the area, we CALLED ON my sister-in-law.

Care for – подобатися
I don’t CARE FOR fizzy drinks; I prefer water.

Carry on – продовжувати
CARRY ON with you work until the teacher arrives.

Check in – проходити реєстрацію в готелі або в аеропорті
They CHECKED IN at the Ritz yesterday.

Check out – розраховуватися при виписці з готелю
She CHECKED OUT and took a cab to the airport.

Check out – помирати
She CHECKED OUT last week; the funeral’s tomorrow.

Chill out – розслаблятися, відпочивати
I’m staying at home and CHILLING OUT this evening.

Come across – випадково наткнутися, знайти
I CAME ACROSS my old school reports when I was clearing out my desk.

Come across – погодитися на сексуальні стосунки
I was surprised when she CAME ACROSS on the first night.

Come along – скласти компанію
May I COME ALONG on your trip tomorrow?

Cool down – остигати, заспокоюватися
It took me ages to COOL DOWN after the argument.

Cry out – кричати від болю
He CRIED OUT when he dropped the box on his toes.

Die for – хотіти чогось дуже сильно
I’m DYING FOR the weekend – this week has been so hard.

Dine out – вечеряти поза межами дому
We DINED OUT because we didn’t want to cook.

Dive in – приступати до їжі, починати їсти
Dinner’s on the table, so DIVE IN.

Double up – складатися навпіл
He DOUBLED UP in pain after being hit in his stomach.

Dress up – вбиратися
It’s an informal party so there’s no need to DRESS UP.

Drop in – несподівано прийти в гості, без домовленості
I was in the area so I DROPPED IN at the office to see her.

Eat in – їсти вдома
We didn’t feel like going to a restaurant so we ATE IN.

End up – зробити щось незаплановане
We couldn’t get tickets to the Egypt so we ENDED UP going to Turkey instead.

Fall down – впасти на землю
I slipped on the ice and FELL DOWN.

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