Прийменники після прикметників і дієслів в англійській

predlogi posle prilagatelnykh i glagolov v anglijjskom19 Прийменники після прикметників і дієслів в англійській
to be fond OF smth. — любити що-то.
HM the Queen is not very fond of going to concerts.

to be angry WITH smb. — злитися на когось.
Helen was angry with me for keeping her waiting.

to be famous FOR smth. — бути відомим.
Pierre Curie is famous for his discoveries in physics.

to arrive AT the airport — прибувати в…(будівля).
We expect them to arrive at the airport by 5.

to arrive IN the city (town) — прибувати в… (місцевість).
The Japanese delegation is arriving in the city at the end of this week.

to be late FOR smth. — запізнюватися кудись.
Jane is often late for classes.

to depend ON smb. — залежати від чогось.
Lots of things depend on you.

to travel BY train/car/plane — подорожувати на …
This time I would prefer travelling by plane.

to graduate FROM the university/institute/college — закінчити навчальний заклад.
Many outstanding people have graduated from Oxford.

to happen TO smb. — траплятися з ким-то.
What has happened to you?

to be surprised AT smth. — дивуватися чому-то.
Jack will be very much surprised at your departure.

to make an impression ON smb. — справляти враження на кого-то.
Last week’s performance at Covent Garden made a great impression on the audience.

to rely ON smb./smth. — покладатися на когось/щось.
You may rely on me.

to have influence ON smb./smth. — впливати на когось/щось.
The Yukos row has a negative influence on russia’s image abroad.

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